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Hearing a message once can be enough to inspire, but you really need training to embed the concepts into automatic skill.


When you're looking for solid action steps with dynamic content for your conference, in-house or association gatherings - you can count on Zander to keep your audience engaged!

About Zander

My mission is to relieve emotional suffering, so my clients and students live richer, fuller, and more successful lives. 

Since 1990, I've worked as a coach, counselor, and bodywork practitioner. I've looked for, studied, and practiced many methods to help people create health, success and fulfillment. I tailor our coaching according to what will be most helpful at the time for the person I'm working with.

To be heard, I think, is a rare gift in life. Not simply listened to, but truly heard and considered. Often in our work together I’ve found myself uncertain as to what I’m trying to say, or of what’s truly bothering me.

This is, I think, when Alexander is at his best. A blend of exacting questions and insightful metaphor pulls the issue into focus and what follows is always an opportunity to explore myself more deeply - safely and without fear of judgement.

His guidance has had a profound influence in my journey of self discovery, revealing to me, finally, the true potential I hold within

Colby Marcellus
John Doe UI/UX Designer

He helps to bring me back in touch with myself, providing a regular “reality check” for me within the whirling chaos of day-to-day life. As a result, I have developed a healthier relationship with myself and the world. I have referred Zander to many family members and friends who also benefited from his services.

Rebekah Jamieson
John Doe UI/UX Designer

When I first met Zander at a business training course, I wasn't particularly looking for training or a new coach in that moment. However, after an initial conversation with him, I could recognize Zander's authenticity and integrity as a teacher, and the wide range of training and tools he could bring to bear that could be transformational for me. I had a few areas where I was feeling particularly stuck and his course promised to address them.

His capacity to listen, guide, and inspire, drawing from his own personal experiences and skill, kept our meetings full of vitality, even when I was skeptical and challenging at times.

Working with Zander not only delivered a new set of skills and self-awareness for me. It was a transformational combination along with my commitment to experiment, and I was able to break through to a new level in a few key areas as I had hoped.​

I highly recommend Zander's course for those willing to roll up their sleeves, keep an open mind, jump in and actually have fun while learning incredibly valuable life skills.​

Stephanie Stevens
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Zander, has given me a new lease on life.

One short year ago, I was emotionally despairing, in constant pain; chaos reigned both internally and externally. I had such complex health and mental health issues that other professionals had given up. Though I had made many heroic efforts over fifteen years, I had finally arrived at the sad conclusion that nothing worthwhile in life was attainable—for me.

From our first meeting, Zander offered me validation and tools. He encouraged me to believe that there was a way out of the misery. He never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. Patiently, consistently, generously, Zander worked with me in beginning a healing journey which I didn't yet quite believe was possible.

With gentle skill, Zander was able to be flexible as I rapidly changed tracks, which was often at first. I became able to laugh about what a slippery, reluctant, albeit hungry, student I was — Zander never judged, only guided me back to my highest self.  

Zander taught me daily practices which have changed my life for the better and which increasingly serve me. Today, I am functioning (almost unbelievably) well, enjoying life, painfree. And I am sometimes even happy for no reason!

Greylin Brummet
John Doe UI/UX Designer

One of the most remarkable aspects of Zander’s method is his ‘whole person” approach to problem solving and treatment. Zander uses a wide repertoire of techniques, a number of which I was totally unfamiliar with and very skeptical of in the beginning.

As a chronic disbeliever, on more than one occasion I had to reconcile my skepticism with the positive results I achieved following our sessions. In the end, I developed not so much a faith in the specific methods and techniques which he used as much as a total and unwavering faith in Zander as a practitioner.

Mike Salisbury
John Doe UI/UX Designer


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